Monday, October 18, 2010

Lesson Learned...

Never book a flight across the country that has a connecting flight that is the last one of that day... also, never fly Delta. Last night was pretty nightmarish to say the least. Coming off of an amazingly spectacular weekend, I missed my connecting flight from JFK to San Diego (even though I arrived at the gate 7 minutes before it was supposed to take off). After crying for several minutes to the gate agent (which got me nowhere), I had to spend the night in the doubletree near JFK overnight along with about 10 other passengers that were on my Syracuse flight. The hotel was nice enough, but the people that worked there were bizarre (I was in NYC, no surprise there). I flew out this morning and finally arrived home around noon PST. Now, Im safe, clean, and exhausted in my little apartment in Pacific Beach. Very very happy to be home.

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