Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Next up, Valentines Day!

So I was doing some browsing on my favorite website, Williams-Sonoma, and found some cute stuff to celebrate the big day! Enjoy

Perfect Endings Valentines Day Cupcakes

Sweetie Pie

X and O S'mores

Heart-Shaped Egg Fry Rings

Perfect Endings Heard Red Velvet Cake

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hard work paying off!

Sorry I have been so MIA.  December was a crazy month, to say the least.  Both my personal life and my professional life were extremely busy, filled with new and exciting things. I wanted to post a few things that have payed off at work this month! I have been designing up a storm for Seany Records newest artists Ruby Summer! Here is some of the different things that we have been working on! More to come!


Monday, January 3, 2011

What's cuter than a cake pop?

So I was perusing FredFlare, what else is new, and stumbled upon these adorable little cake pops cookbook.  "Handier and - dare we say? - cuter than a mere cupcake, cake pops are sweet little cakes on a stick! This NY Times bestseller from Bakerella supertalent Angie Dudley shows you step-by-step how to make this treat that will dazzle any party. Start with the simple decorated balls then work your way up to more ambitious shapes such as baby chicks, ice cream cones, owls, robots and more. We plan to eat our way across its 160 pages, thankyouverymuch. "

These cake pops are a great change from the usual cupcakes and enable you to get really creative! You can buy this book HERE!