Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun and easy way to customize your space...

Thanks to Janice at Creative Comforts, I found instructions to make some really cute canvas frames! I just moved into my apartment a few weeks ago, and my roomate and I are trying to update the living room area with some decorations. I think that these would go perfectly in the room, with the right fabric, and I can't wait to try it out.

This is a quick and easy project that can be customized sim ply by choosing a piece of your favorite fabric. You can make one or several to piece together in a mosaic, see below..

Gather together these items: Canvas Frames (any size, picture is 8" squares), Cork Liner(AVAILABLE HERE, or at local craft/hardware store), Marking Pen, Scissors, Staple gun, Fabric Remnants (a bit larger than your canvas size)

Using your canvas frame as a template, trace into the cork sheeting and cut out.

Flip your canvas over so the front side is facing you and place your cut out cork piece on top. Using your staple gun, secure at the four corners and in the center of each side.

This creates a thin cushion for your push pins.

Cut a piece of fabric approx 1" square larger around the perimeter than your canvas size. You can eyeball this, but keep in mind you need to pull the fabric up around the sides.

Lay your fabric down onto a flat surface with the wrong side facing you.

Place your canvas, cork side down on the fabric, centering it.

Choose an edge to start securing. Pull the fabric up along the edge onto the back of the canvas frame and stable in the center. Place a stable in the left and right corners. Working on the opposite side, pull the fabric tightly and staple to secure. You will then need to tuck the fabric in at the corners, pull it up and staple.

Just like wrapping a gift! Repeat with the remaining sides.

Create some push pins with some DECORATIVE items and you're done! I will post pictures when I make mine! Can't wait to get crafting..

Text + Photos Copyright 2009 Janice Rusnak

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