Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things I love this week...

Once again, I've taken a look through the new items on and here's what I'm obsessed with
this week...

Around the Fireplace Nightlight: 

"You've always dreamed of having your own cozy fireplace so here you go. Same warm fuzzy feeling on a cold night but this nightlight version has the added benefit of lighting your way!"

Jonathan Adler Pipe Match Striker 

"Strike it up with this handsomest of handsome mantlepiece treasure. White porcelain bisque Magritte pipe match holder features a frictional surfaced base that ignites strike-anywhere matches."

Floppy Disc Sticky Notes

"The last time we used a floppy disk was probably when our screensaver had flying toasters, but, truth is, we kind miss those lil' guys... These sticky notes look like the genuine article but are waaayy more practical!"

Menorah Cork (*my personal favorite)

"Have a blast celebrating the festival of lights all while keeping your wine nice and fresh for the party later! Menorah acts as a cork and fits secure into an sturdy bottle."


Desperately Sequin Susan Dress

"Walk out in this dress and you'll feel like you've entered the Studio 54 party scene."

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