Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Adventures

Welcome to my first every Weekend Adventures blog post! Hopefully, this will help me do some more exciting things with my weekends, give you guys ideas of some fun stuff to do, and maybe you can give me some great ideas of adventures I can take!

The highlight of this particular weekend had to be friday night! Let me back track for a second. Seth (my boyfriend) and I just moved into a new apartment less than a month ago. For the past two years, I/we have lived in an area in San Diego called Pacific Beach. It is a very young and hip place to live, right on the ocean and mission bay, with lots of bars, restaurants and shops. For two years, we had a blast. But what comes with living in a place like this, also come some negatives. First off, our neighbors SUCKED. They were loud and rude and gross, and that got old really really fast. It is also really loud all nights of the week, with lots young people galavanting drunkenly through the streets. Another part that got kind of old, was what Seth and I call, "homeless wednesdays". Our apartment was located right next to a big church. On wednesdays, this church gave out free meals to the homeless in the area. This very nice act of kindness, was a little bit, let me put this delicately, uncomfortable for us. Hundreds of homeless people lined the streets and stayed all day. Normally, this wouldn't be that big of a problem, but as we have a puppy, we had to take her out a lot, and it just became kind of an issue.

Anyway, when our lease was going to be up, Seth and I decided to stray from our older but charming tiny two bedroom apartment, to a brand new, luxary style living apartment in Mission Valley. Not only are we getting more bang for our buck with the size/newness/cleanliness of our place, we also live in an apartment community that has 2 gyms, 2 pools, clubrooms, stores/shops/restaurants, weekly food trucks, and a ton of other awesome stuff.  The place is incredibly dog friendly (last week we went to our first every "yappy" hour, a happy hour for dogs) and a wonderful place to live. We are LOVING it, so far!

Our first "yappy hour"

It's A Dog's World Food Truck

Now, back to the reason I am telling you all of this. Our great apartment complex, called The Promenade at Rio Vista, puts on different social gatherings and events throughout the month. From free yoga and boot camp, to a cooking class, to a free movie in the park. Last friday, the free movie was The Lorax, a movie that both Seth and myself happen to LOVE! We thought, why not!! So I packed up fruits and veggies, cheese and crackers, wine in a water bottle :), and some other dinner-like snacks, and we headed down to the lawn. Let me just tell you, this was the CUTEST thing I have seen in a long time. Tons of families and kids were there, which made it even more fun! Seth and I had a GREAT time, the only thing that was missing was our puppy Lucy (unfortunately you can't bring dogs on the lawn). We will definitely be doing this again (and again and again)! We can't wait until the next one, which is The Hunger Games (another favorite!) in a few weeks.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

We were the first ones there haha 

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